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Sneakers in Kente with Blue Hint

handmade | limited edition


Sneakers have become a staple and the cornerstone of everyday fashion.

Sneakers are worn today as a badge of honor that eats away at a range of subcultures.

Far from being a localised phenomenon, this growing love for sneakers and the culture around them quickly spread across the planet.

Thoughts were initially fomented in urban centers such as New York, London and Tokyo, today the culture of sneakers can be found everywhere.

This is our third collection of sneakers, all in limited edition.

The two previous collections were and are still more desirable and more exclusive.

There has been a slew of non-stop products.

Our goal is to create sneakers with our materials from our rich cultural heritage to give a means of empowerment to our African artisans.



Top                Kenté

In                   Leather

1st Sole         Leather

2nd Sole       Tires


Expending  time on the product

Weaving            8hours 

Assembly         72hours

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