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Batik Lime Green Oversized Dress

survivors collection


Mablé Agbodan presents its new collection SURVIVORS, a creation that combines colour and passion, art and innovation.

The art of Batik has been innovated to make this collection a unique and original work.We have remained faithful to our primary objective which is to promote local craftsmanship, African HANDMADE, and for this we have been kind enough to revalue the profession Batik by creating a collection.

The inspiration and passion of the brand has not taken a single wrinkle in the face of the current pandemic and this magnificent collection is proof of that.

Soft and extra light African cotton offering you a feeling of absolute well-being.

A magnificent model of oversized dresses for women and a men’s suit consisting of a Batik shirt and monochrome patchwork pants. Between pure red and burgundy red, yellow, blue, brown, sublime shades of green … we offer you a refined collection of Batik with pure, fluid and unique patterns.


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