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Armchair in Pallet

limited edition | made on measure


Comfort at its best.
This pallet chair is worth every box on the checklist for a perfect seat. This wooden pallet chair is a modular that you can make 2, 3, 4, 5 places even in the shape of an “L” with corner chair.

This elegant classic palette armchair has been crafted with skill and skill to provide quality relaxation.

The back support of our furniture is soft and comfortable, which makes them practical for resting your back.

If not with people, even then this classic gray sofa is perfect for a little time alone so you can lift your legs up and take a break from the busy life.

The fabric used for the covering is very durable, it is locally woven cotton.

You can have it in any color you want because we do the dyeing ourselves.

The wooden pallet base is very solid to support heavy weights. This pallet chair is very convenient, comfortable and very suitable but practical and simple to move by castors which are fixed to the base.

Let’s preserve the environment together by opting for reclaimed wood furniture.

Live Zen…

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