Consume local !

May 25, 2020 6:22 pm

Let’s talk about it !

I thought we should talk about it.
We often sing CONSUME LOCAL!

And yes,
How do we want it to happen ?

We helped them lose control.
Our craftsmen cannot make a living from their trade.
We are all authors of this sad truth.
We have contributed to the loss of our ancestral know-how.

And handmade products cost money. Craftsmen, artists, designers, work very hard to create their products – it takes a long time to produce a single piece – not to mention all the years spent perfecting their craft. The products deserve to be paid at their fair value for their wonderful profession and their skills.

….We prefer to go and buy the big brands: Vuitton, Ferragamo, Prada, Chloé, Lancel because we think that our craftsmen cannot make quality!

You are right.


How do you want them to get there:

  • When poor local artisans, artists and designers are unable to sell the products they create and knowing that they spend a lot of time working on quality,
  • when we find that it is expensive but not more expensive than the brands mentioned above,
  • when you think that because it’s done in Togo or Africa,
  • when we destroy everything that is local.

As long as we don’t want to pay for the price, we don’t want to pay for the hard work of these creators, we encourage them to do only reduced quality so that we can sink them quickly and be able to feed their families.

When we think that our raw materials are not fine and we do not want to try them at all, who find the solutions adapted to our countries and to our continent.

Let’s continue to create jobs elsewhere, they will come to solve our problems and they will come to make them theirs one day …

Who will do it for us?

If we forget our egos, and each one says, I will buy each month from one of our local artisans even a product, just to invest the sum of a jar of friends, what what can this bring to our national Togo? And to our Africa? Thank you…

Africa is counting on us to rise !!!


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